NYC Moving Tips

Moving sucks, here's some tips to make it suck less.

1. Make Sure the Apartment is Finished

This sounds obvious, but shit happens. Make sure everything is good to go with both the landlord and super before hiring any movers. If it’s not finished or ready to move in when your lease starts your rent will be prorated for that month until you can move in.

2. Hire Movers

If you’re on the ground or even second floor, you probably won’t need movers. If you have an elevator, you probably won’t need them. But if you live in a 3rd floor or higher walkup, they are worth their weight in gold. Have them carry the heavy stuff like couches and furniture so you can carry the easy things.

3. Hire Friends

If you have friends or family in the city, beg them to help you out. We had the help of my parents and a friend which cut down the moving time. Don’t forget that you owe them big for helping!

From the time we parked until we had the last box in the apartment, it took a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes. This was because we had 7 people total helping (including 2 movers).

4. Budget for Tolls

The normal toll for cars getting into Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel is $15. The toll for a car with a U-Haul is $50. Just a heads up.

5. Move on a Sunday

Get up early and get into the city early on a Sunday. New York likes to sleep in on the weekends so moving when there are less cars out will make driving easier and parking easier. This is the best tip I have.

6. Parking

This was what we were most worried about. There doesn’t seem to be a way to reserve street parking in New York like there is in other cities for moving trucks/trailers. Here are some options:

  • Double park - Pull up the trailer next to some cars and hope no one needs to leave their spot. Make sure you leave room for cars to get around and have someone babysit the car. Just pull it around the block if asked to move.
  • Park in no parking zones - Again, have someone watch the car or account for the ticket as a part of the moving costs.
  • Park across from a construction zone - Technically these are no parking zones, but there’s usually plenty of room to fit a moving vehicle and have cars still get by.

Moving on a Sunday morning will make finding a spot and avoiding tickets a lot easier. Good luck!